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African Elephant Painting, Elephant Picture, Gift For Elephant Lover, Animal Oil Painting, Wildlife Wall Art, African Elephant Poster,

African Elephant Painting, Elephant Picture, Gift For Elephant Lover, Animal Oil Painting, Wildlife Wall Art, African Elephant Poster,

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This African Elephant oil painting print would be a great addition to any home. Showcasing the bond of a mother and it's young which is unbreakable even in the wild grasslands of Africa. 


Transport yourself to the breathtaking landscapes of the Serengeti with our captivating oil painting print featuring an African Elephant mother and its adorable calf. This magnificent portrayal captures the essence of the vast plains as a huge adult elephant stands proudly, its majestic presence dominating the canvas. The intricate details of the wrinkled, textured skin and gracefully curved tusks showcase the artist's skill in bringing the majestic creature to life.


In poignant contrast, the small calf stands beside its mother, a subtle reminder of the fragile yet resilient nature of life on the African savannah. The play of light and shadow accentuates the bond between parent and offspring, the calf finding solace in the protective shadow cast by its massive guardian. The surrounding grasslands, skillfully depicted with strokes of earthy hues, hint at the untamed beauty of the Serengeti, evoking a sense of both wonder and awareness of the potential dangers lurking beyond. 


This oil painting print is not just a visual masterpiece; it is a testament to the delicate balance of nature and the enduring strength of familial bonds in the wild.


High-Quality Print: We take pride in using premium printing techniques and materials to ensure that every detail, colour, and texture is faithfully reproduced. The poster's high-resolution print captures every nuance, ensuring a stunning visual experience.


.: Materials: 285 gsm paper (fine art)
.: The fine art paper is equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper. It has a soft textured surface and archival quality. Perfect for our highly detailed artwork
.: Multiple sizes to choose from
.: Product cropping may vary slightly from the images shown due to printing and formatting differences.


Please note all prints are unframed. Frames in product photographs are for display purposes.


Packaging control

Each unframed print is sealed in an archival plastic bag and shipped in an envelope or tube.


Care instructions

If the print does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.


Thank you for considering shopping with us here at Nevermore Than Art. We're a very small family run business and really appreciate your attention and any future business you may bring our way.


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