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Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Vintage Oil Painting, Gothic Wall Art, Dark Academia, Gift For Goth, Vampire Poster

Countess Elizabeth Bathory, Vintage Oil Painting, Gothic Wall Art, Dark Academia, Gift For Goth, Vampire Poster

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Introducing our hauntingly captivating poster, "The Countess Of Blood," a chilling tribute to the infamous Countess Elizabeth Bathory. This mesmerizing portrait captures the essence of the Blood Countess in vivid detail, portraying her draped in a striking red gown that symbolizes the macabre trail of her gruesome deeds. The artist masterfully depicts her with a cold, unyielding stare, embodying her complete lack of remorse for the countless lives she claimed.


In her hand, Countess Bathory clutches a gothic goblet, its contents shrouded in mystery and menace. The viewer is left to ponder the unsettling question – does it contain the lifeblood of her latest victim? 


The poster is a powerful blend of historical horror and artistic prowess, inviting those brave enough to delve into the dark corridors of the past and confront the chilling legacy of one of history's most notorious figures. "The Countess Of Blood" poster is not just an art piece; it's a captivating journey into the depths of human darkness, ideal for those who appreciate the eerie allure of historical intrigue.


High-Quality Print: We take pride in using premium printing techniques and materials to ensure that every detail, colour, and texture is faithfully reproduced. The poster's high-resolution print captures every nuance, ensuring a stunning visual experience.


.: Materials: 285 gsm paper (fine art)
.: Product cropping may vary slightly from the images shown due to printing and formatting differences.
.: Multiple sizes to choose from
.: The fine art paper is equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper. It has a soft textured surface and archival quality. Perfect for our highly detailed artwork


Please note all prints are unframed. Frames in product photographs are for display purposes.


Packaging control

Each unframed print is sealed in an archival plastic bag and shipped in an envelope or tube.


Care instructions

If the print does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.


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