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Dracula Poster, Dracula Wall Art, Vampire Print, Gift for Horror Fan, Gothic Wall Art, Dark Academia, Vampire Oil Painting, Count Dracula Picture

Dracula Poster, Dracula Wall Art, Vampire Print, Gift for Horror Fan, Gothic Wall Art, Dark Academia, Vampire Oil Painting, Count Dracula Picture

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Which self respecting Horror Fan wouldn't want to own a poster featuring the most famous Vampire of all, the enigmatic Count Dracula.


Step into the mysterious world of darkness with our captivating oil painting print, "Dracula's Castle." This haunting masterpiece transports you to the ominous realm of Count Dracula as he surveys his imposing fortress that looms large in the distance. The detailed brushstrokes bring out the intricate architecture of the castle, matching the brooding nature of its enigmatic owner. The play of shadows and moonlight creates an eerie atmosphere that captures the essence of the classic vampire lore. 


As the large moon hangs in the night sky, its soft glow casts an otherworldly light upon the scene, enhancing the overall sense of mystery and foreboding. This stunning artwork is sure to mesmerize any admirer of Gothic aesthetics and vampire mythology.


Crafted with precision and care, our oil painting print not only captures the chilling ambiance of the nocturnal setting but also preserves the rich details of Count Dracula's character. The Count, positioned prominently in the foreground, exudes an aura of authority and malevolence. His cape and regal demeanor are expertly rendered, making him a commanding presence against the backdrop of his foreboding castle. "Dracula's Castle" is more than just a painting; it's an immersive experience that invites you to delve into the dark and intriguing world of the legendary vampire, making it an ideal centerpiece for those who appreciate both artistry and the allure of the supernatural.


High-Quality Print: We take pride in using premium printing techniques and materials to ensure that every detail, colour, and texture is faithfully reproduced. The poster's high-resolution print captures every nuance, ensuring a stunning visual experience.


.: Materials: 285 gsm paper (fine art)
.: The fine art paper is equivalent to traditional watercolor or etching paper. It has a soft textured surface and archival quality. Perfect for our highly detailed artwork
.: Multiple sizes to choose from
.: Note: Product cropping may vary slightly from the images shown due to printing and formatting differences.

Please note all prints are unframed. Frames in product photographs are for display purposes.


Packaging control

Each unframed print is sealed in an archival plastic bag and shipped in an envelope or tube.


Care instructions

If the print does gather any dust, you may wipe it off gently with a clean, dry cloth.


Thank you for considering shopping with us here at Nevermore Than Art. We're a very small family run business and really appreciate your attention and any future business you may bring our way.


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